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Leeds City Council Logo : sponsors of Headinley LitFest 2014 : Surviving
Stories from the War Hospital
a Headingley LitFest book by Richard Wilcocks
The book, which is based on eighteen months of research into the military hospital which was at Beckett Park, Headingley, during the First World War, was launched on 21 March in the performance space of the New Headingley Club as part of Headingley LitFest 2014. A play based on the stories in the book was performed at the launch.
To find out more and get the book go to
Between the Lines
The LitFest’s March 2014 main programme has now finished although you can still see it on our programme page and the brochure is on our archive page.

We will be staging more events ‘between the lines’ later in the year—keeping checking here for details.

With the help of James Nash we are working in primary schools during the Autumn and Spring terms producing some fabulous poetry by the children and OWLS (Older Wiser Local Seniors)
Our theme for 2015 is ‘Something Else’
Something else can mean difference, oddness, wackiness otherness or, something else!

We are busy building the main programme now so please get in touch if you have any ideas and/or would like to appear at the LitFest
Headingley LitFest 2014 theme : Surviving
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Between The Lines 2014